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Reading Chiropractors for Health and Wellness

Welcome to The Village Chiropractor!

Each day our purpose is to serve the mission of our practice…. Helping families find and follow healthy lives. Many people come to me with some form of back pain, and it is our responsibility to help them find a measure of permanent relief.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Kelly Delorey

Dr. Kelly Delorey

Here at The Village Chiropractor, we strongly believe that we give our patients not only the relief they seek, but also educate them on how to take control over some form of permanent relief from musculoskeletal conditions, as well as help them take control over health decisions that impact their entire family.

Health is such a broad concept for so many, with as many opinions as there are providers. We work hard to show you ways to make smart choices for you and your family.

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After you tour our website designed for Reading-area residents searching for a chiropractor, give The Village Chiropractor a call. We’d love to meet you and explain our unique approach to today’s chiropractic.

Dr. Kelly Delorey | Reading Chiropractor

Delivering quality chiropractic care and HCG Weight Loss to the North Reading, Wakefield and Reading communities since 1995.