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Contracted Leg Length Test

Click on each image for a larger view and step-by-step directions.

Step 1

Lumbar Test Step 1
Have the test subject wear a pair of hard soled shoes and lie across a bed, face down, with arms relaxed at each side. (The head must remain straight down throughout the test.)

Step 2

Lumbar Test Step 2
Apply equal pressure with both thumbs to the arches of each shoe. Are both legs of equal length when the bottoms of the shoes are parallel?

Left leg shortRight leg shortEqual length

Step 3

Lumbar Test Step 2
Bend both legs to a 90° angle so the bottoms of the shoes are parallel with the floor. Does one leg appear shorter?

Left leg shortRight leg shortEqual length


A difference of greater than 1/4″ in any of the positions is clinically significant. Uneven leg length is a common sign of spinal problems that often respond to chiropractic care. Find out if we can help. Call The Village Chiropractor now to arrange a more thorough examination!

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